I am the Lamppost

Every night, I wake up just in time to light a path for travelers through the city. Most people walk past without even looking at me or showing appreciation for the service I provide them. But that’s fine, I’m just happy to guide them through their busy lives which I will never understand.

Some passersby stop and lean against me, some vandalize my metal casing with paints or carving into me with a knife. But that’s fine too, it doesn’t bother me.

There’s one girl who passes by every night around 11:00 pm. She’s very sweet looking but also lonely. I don’t know how but I just sense that she’s lonely. She’s normally reading a book, which is dangerous to do while you’re walking, especially at night. And since she’s always by herself, I make sure to keep a close eye on her while she passes through my lamp light.

I’m not sure why it saddens me to see her alone every night. I want to do more for her but all I am capable of is providing a little shelter against the black of night of a small section of this city street. I am just a lamppost after all but maybe caring as much as I do helps in some indirect way.

One night as she was walking along the pavement, another lonely looking girl was coming from the other direction. She, too, was planted in a book. Just as they were walking past each other, they looked up from their respective books and shared a quick glance and an innocent grin but then just kept walking.

This other girl, I had seen her before but not often. She usually came by a little later but that night my little friend was later than usual. Weeks had gone by before they ran into each other again. This time, the other girl I don’t see very often stopped to say hi.

They talked for a minute and I think exchanged contact information and then went about their business. I saw my little lonely friend the next night and many after around the same time as usual. But then one night, I stopped seeing her. I also never saw the other girl. I wasn’t aware how much she brightened my day until she was gone. Kind of funny that my sole purpose was to light the way for others but she ended being a light for me.

After nearly a year without seeing her, I awoke to being slapped at the base of my post. It was her but the middle of the day so I was still asleep and not lit up yet. And the other girl she met was there too. They met at me, the lamppost where they first met, to go on a date. I’m glad I woke to see this. I don’t know if I’ll see them again but I’m happy either way because I like to think my little bit of light in this dark dark city played at least a small role in these two girls finding each other and helping people with my light is all I could ever ask for as a lamppost.

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